InpharmD™ answers complicated questions that cannot be answered using traditional resources. InPharmD vs. Static References - Drug Information

You submit your question directly to us, and we return a customized, evidence-based answer within the time-period requested. 

We don't think so. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has the care of individual patients as it's top priority, asking, "What's the best course of action for this patient, in these circumstances, at this point in their illness?"

We arm clinicians to ask the right questions, then use their expertise and judgment to apply the best evidence for patient - level decisions.

By offering customized literature searches for your medical decisions, we can help you spend less and improve care in the process.  In each of our health systems, we've been the most widely used resource, facilitating thousands of evidence-based decisions. 

Based on the largest study conducted, hospitals with this service saved $5.2 million and 45 fewer deaths compared to hospitals without it.  

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InpharmD™ was made by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

Eventually, we hope to expand our service to patients, but we haven't gotten there yet.

That would be true if that’s all clinical pharmacists do, but it’s the opposite: they’re the underused Swiss Army knife that can do it all, and when given the time, they will.

By centralizing a drug information service, we can eliminate redundant work that goes on throughout the country, and empower clinical pharmacists to round more with the care team or spend more time with the patient.