What is InpharmD™?

Each year, there are an estimated 1.8 million studies published. How can you ensure you're considering all of the evidence in your decisions? InpharmD™ is here to help.

Ask any question, anytime, via website or app, on campus or off, and receive an up to date or real time, customized summary of the available published literature.

Saved Time

Save time by using focused search tools. On average, you'll save 2 hours of literature searching.

More Resources

Gain access to 20,000+ scientific journals, 20,000,000+ scientific articles, and several other resources.

Superior Decisions

When decisions are made in line with evidence, healthcare costs decrease while quality increases.

Our network of Drug Information Centers uses their time and resources, aided by machine learning algorithms, to provide you a customized summary of appropriate evidence all 20,000 journals.


How can InpharmD™ help me?

Evidence-based medicine is impossible for two reasons:

Time: The average literature search takes two hours.

Resources: Most institutions access less than half of the available 20,000 journals.

Existing static references are costly, time consuming, and limited in scope.

InpharmD™ saves time and resources by offering customized literature searches through a network of academic Drug Information Centers.

Questions? Contact us at support@InpharmD.com.