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What is InpharmD™?

Literature searching is tedious. InpharmD™ is here to help.

Ask any question, anytime, via website or app, on campus or off, and receive an up-to-date, real-time, customized summary of the available published literature.

21.8 million research studies

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Save time & resources with our national network + AI

InpharmD™ accelerates customized literature searches by leveraging our national network of Drug Information Centers.

We collect evidence from 20,000+ journals, aided by our machine learning algorithm, Sherlock™, to generate your custom summary.

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The frustration patients have of not getting enough time with their healthcare providers is mirrored by the frustration healthcare providers have of not getting enough time with their patients. InpharmD™ saves me so much time, allowing me to focus more on the patient.

Juan Lopez
Pharm D

The lack of accurate and timely medical information can lead to adverse drug events and drug-drug interactions.

Steven Handler

My colleagues and I find the product convenient, and as a result, are asking questions they would've just Googled before. ....This is becoming part of our culture.

Dr. Tanna Lim
Internal Medicine

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