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InpharmD™ is a platform between healthcare providers and academic drug information centers to facilitate evidence-based decisions.

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RubiconMD is a population health management solution that connects primary care providers to networks of top specialists for quick e-consults. Our web-based and mobile platform redesigns the referral process by bringing appropriate specialty expertise into the primary care setting. These e-consults eliminate avoidable referrals, improve existing referrals and enhance the patient and physician experience.

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WellStar Health System is a not-for-profit system recognized as a national leader in comprehensive care. Staying ahead of the curve in technology has enabled WellStar to be leaders in both the diagnosis and treatment of an extensive array of health conditions. Serving a population of more than one million residents of NW metropolitan Atlanta, WellStar consistently looks at total patient wellness and works to ensure that all systems support that focus. With industry awards ranging from Integrated Delivery Networks to Working Mother Magazine’s Best Places to Work, WellStar strives to provide the best care possible with Atlanta’s top medical professionals.

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Mercer University
CampBell University
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Idaho State University


InpharmD™ is constantly growing and empowering physicians to make decisions about patients' health by providing them with evidence-based information about medical options. Research is at the center of InpharmD's strategy. With a network of research and academic drug information centers, we aim to be one of the premier academic drug information companies in the industry.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at support@InpharmD.com